16315, Tray Liner;Vinyl;0.080X16

PartNumber: 16315
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Производитель: DESCO
16315, Tray Liner;Vinyl;0.080X16
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Trustat® B80 Vinyl Mats
Trustat® B80 mats are 0.080" thick, extruded homogenous vinyl material. The material is designed to provide a path to ground and eliminate static charge generation when used as a work surface table mat, shelf liner or tray liner. B80 mats are solder iron resistant, easy to clean and capable of withstanding most chemicals.

Bench / Floor Matting
The most efficient way of ensuring optimum personal grounding is to employ the combination of ESD footwear and ESD matting.

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room

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406 mm

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