16453, Self clinching captive st

PartNumber: 16453
Ном. номер: 8079647163
Производитель: Anglian Fasteners
16453, Self clinching captive st
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Captive Stud Fasteners
Threaded self-clinching studs designed for quick installation using a simple press.

Case-hardened, zinc plated & clear passivated mild steel, to BS3382
Provides a cost-effective means of threaded stud placement in thin sheet metal applications

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Thread SizeLength (mm)Thickness
Range (mm)
Fixing Hole
Size (mm)
Head Dia.
Centre to edge
distances (mm)
Stock no.
M381.0 min3.04.55.5 827-338
M3101.0 min3.04.55.5 827-344
M3121.0 min3.04.55.5 827-350
M481.0 min4.05.57.0 827-366
M4101.0 min4.05.57.0 827-372
M4121.0 min4.05.57.0 827-388
M5121.0 min5.06.57.0 827-394
M5141.0 min5.06.57.0 827-401
M5161.0 min5.06.57.0 827-417
M6141.5 min6.08.08.0 827-423
M6161.5 min6.08.08.0 827-439
M6201.5 min6.08.08.0 827-445

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Технические параметры

обработка поверхности
Zinc plated & clear Passivated
диаметр крепежного отверстия
размер резьбы
For Panel Thickness Minimum

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