1803947, Miniconnec hood vertical

PartNumber: 1803947
Ном. номер: 8113794892
Производитель: Phoenix Contact
1803947, Miniconnec hood vertical
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Phoenix Contact CLASSIC COMBICON KGG & KGS 5.0 & 5.08mm Cable Housings
Classic plug-in connector KGG & KGS cable housings consists of two snap-locking half-shells that can be fitted together manually. These plug-in connector cable housings have are for use with 5.0 and 5.08mm pitch MSTB, IC and GMSTB plug components both with and without flange.
Stock numbers 292-9414 and 292-9420 are for use with 4 to 6mm cable diameters, have a straight cable outlet and include cable binders and marker strips.
Stock numbers 292-9436, 804-5345, 292-9442, 292-9458, 802-8804 and 292-9470 are for use with 5 to 9.5mm cable diameters, have a straight cable outlet and include cable clamps, screws and marker strips.
Stock numbers 292-9509, 292-9515, 802-8810 802-8813, 802-6441, 802-6445, 802-6448, 802-6454 and 802-6457 are suitable for use with 6 to 13.5mm cable diameters, have an angled cable outlet and include marker strips and transparent label carriers.
Stock number 802-8807 is a moulded strain relief for use with the cable housings

Phoenix Contact COMBICON 5.08mm Two Part Terminal Blocks


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