19300480448, Han 48B Hood Top Entry M4

PartNumber: 19300480448
Ном. номер: 8104596201
Производитель: Harting
19300480448, Han 48B Hood Top Entry M4
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Hoods and Housing 48B (10) Hoods and Housing

Single locking lever to bulkhead and surface mounting housings
Cable gland available separately, see stock no. 313-6477 and range
Surface mounting housing also available with a thermoplastic protective cover

Insert SeriesHan DHan DDHan EHan ESHan EEHan ComHan D AVHan E AVHan Modular
Poles2x64+PE2x108+PE2x24+PE2x24+PE2x46+PE2x(6//6) & 2x(4//8) +PE2x64+PE2x24+PE2xFrames
Inserts (typical RS stock no.) 114-8147 129-3102 114-8327 365-1904 282-9235 172-8428 365-2042 365-1982 Select as required

Cable diameters stated are in the form of min./max.


These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of wrong connection.

Серия 10 - (Harting, типорезмер 48B) Range 10 - (Harting Size 48B)
These Range 10 hoods and housings are a wide bodied version of the Range 8 types and take two inserts of each size and are compatible with appropriate inserts from the Han D®, DD, E, ES, EE, Com, D AV, E AV and Modular series. The 'compatibility' table associated with item type 1 details that relationship by indicating the specific Harting insert series, together with a stock number typical of each insert range. Note: Two inserts or two 'frames' from the Modular series of Han 'Size' 24B are accommodated within these 48B housings.

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Harting Han Hoods-Housings 19300480448