1MT1-5, Рычажный переключатель, (Вкл.)-Выкл.-Вкл., SPDT, Без Подсветки, MT, Панель, 5 А

1MT1-5, Рычажный переключатель, (Вкл.)-Выкл.-Вкл., SPDT, Без Подсветки, MT, Панель, 5 А
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Реле и Переключатели\Переключатели\Рычажные Переключатели

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH MT Series miniature toggle switches are designed to meet the need for a rugged, costeffective toggle switch. Quality construction features include a seal between the toggle lever and bushing, and between the cover and case. These switches are designed for use in applications in many demanding outdoor environments, where the panels are subjected to such things as vibration from equipment, temperature extremes, dust, splashing water, and/ or hose directed water. They are capable of withstanding exposure to heavy accumulations of early morning dew that may condense on the control panel in cabs of vehicles left outdoors overnight.

• Miniature behind-panel size (case) enables overall control box or panel use
• IEC 60529-2001, IP67, IP68 (except terminal parts) sealing for harsh-duty applications
• Up to 60.000 electrical life that enhances the use time
• UL recognized, CE certified for global use

Технические параметры

Подсветка Без Подсветки
Клеммы Переключателя Пайка
Конфигурация Контакта SPDT
Линейка Продукции MT
Максимальный Ток Контакта
Манипуляция Переключателем (Вкл.)-Выкл.-Вкл.
Монтаж Переключателя Панель
Номинальное Напряжение Контакта DC 28В
Вес, г 14

Техническая документация

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