1SNA230000R1200, Blank marker card ,100

PartNumber: 1SNA230000R1200
Ном. номер: 8098600559
Производитель: ABB
1SNA230000R1200, Blank marker card ,100
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Accessories for Miniature Accessories for Miniature Terminals (Excluding Fuse Terminals)
An end cover manufactured from the same insulating material as the terminals, is available in grey and blue, A metal end stop for fitting at the ends of an assembled rail, A pre-assembled jumper bar, for transverse connections of up to 10 terminals. Note: Jumper cannot be used with miniature isolating terminal stock no. 425-982, Markers are supplied as a kit comprising 2 cards, each with 100 markers, The cards are also available separately i.e. 5 cards marked 1-100 or 5 cards of 100 blank

Малогабаритные и микро серии


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Terminal Block
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Marker Card

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Datasheet 1SNA230000R1200
Standard marker cards 1SNA230000R1200