200528-0080, 1.0mm R/A FFC/FPC connect

PartNumber: 200528-0080
Ном. номер: 8061256074
Производитель: Molex
200528-0080, 1.0mm R/A FFC/FPC connect
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Molex Easy-On 1.0mm FFC/FPC Connectors with Double-Bottom Contacts, 200528 Series
Easy-On 1.0 mm FFC/FPC connectors with double-bottom contacts and a compact, low profile design with a mating height of just 1.90 mm. The contact design of these Easy-On 1.0 mm FFC/FPC connectors features 2 lower contacts per circuit. This double bottom contact terminal design removes dust and contaminants resulting in a clean mating interface and high contact reliability. This design also provides double the contacts per circuit. The actuators of these Easy-On 1.0 mm FFC/FPC connectors are pre-assembled covers that secure the connection between the FFC/FPC and the connector terminals. The housings of these FFC/FPC connectors feature a cable ear-tab locking feature with indents in them in which accept the FPC tabs. This feature provides proper cable seating and alignment, high retention force and easy actuation. These Easy-On 1.0 mm FFC/FPC connectors also have Zero insertion force for easy cable insertion and for allowing repeat cycling with minimum wear. The top of the housings also feature a vacuum pick and place area for easy board assembly and cost savings. Robust solder tabs on these SMT FFC/FPC connectors offer secure PCB retention and strain relief for solder joints. These Easy-On 1.0 mm FFC/FPC connectors are available in a wide range of circuit sizes for design flexibility.

1.0mm FFC/FPC Connectors – Molex


Технические параметры

Номинальное напряжение
50 В перем. /пост. тока
Минимальная рабочая температура
Метод оконцовки
Номинальный ток
Тип соединителя
Номер серии
Покрытие контактов
Золото поверх никеля
Ориентация корпуса
Right Angle
Количество контактов
Материал корпуса
Liquid Crystal Polymer
Тип монтажа
Surface Mount
Материал контактов
Phosphor Bronze
Количество рядов
Максимальная рабочая температура
Тип оконцовки
Нижний контакт ZIF
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Дополнительная информация

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