20820050002, Ha-VIS preLink M12 plug X

PartNumber: 20820050002
Ном. номер: 8105772599
Производитель: Harting
20820050002, Ha-VIS preLink M12 plug X
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Harting Ha-VIS preLink M12 Connectors
Harting Ha-VIS preLink M12 Cat 5, Cat 6A, metal connectors available in two variants, D coded 4 pole and X coded 8 pole, both are robust and durable connectors, ideally suited for industrial and railway usage amongst others. Quick upgrades from fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet are possible thanks to the uniform housings for 4-pole D-coded and 8-pole X-coded. PROFINET compliant, IP65, 67 rated, quickly and easily assembled onsite, insertion of the termination block when assembled onto the cable, into the respective jack requires no special tooling.


875-5657: Ha-VIS preLink M12 plug D-coded 4-pole

875-5650: Ha-VIS preLink M12 plug X-coded 8-pole

ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61918

Harting Ha-VIS preLink Connector System
Data network technology and Ethernet are becoming important considerations within many industrial and commercial applications, cabling forms the backbone for these technologies and as such must be capable and durable. HARTING Ha-VIS preLink is an entirely new connectivity system that fulfils all of these requirements, while simultaneously combining the demands of profile-specific cabling for the automation market according to ISO/IEC 61918, with the advantages of generic cabling in accordance with ISO/IEC 24702 and EN50173-3. HARTING's Ha-VIS preLink is a complete connector solution for Ethernet cabling and a comprehensive series that offers versatile swappable mating profiles, device interfaces, and junction boxes. The Ha-VIS preLink termination block is at the heart of this system, it can be wired with total safety in one step using the dedicated preLink crimp tool and is fully interchangeable with all the appropriate Ha-VIS preLink connector heads. The Ha-VIS preLink cabling system covers all industrial applications, railway applications, and many building installations amongst others.

Features and benefits

Swappable mating profiles for versatile and sustainable ethernet cabling
Ha-VIS preLink assembly tool ensures a reliable installation process in one movement
Easy, quick installation in cramped spaces
Pre-assembled cable segments can be swapped out quickly during maintenance and upgrades
Suitable for automation, railway, industrial and energy applications


Технические параметры

Размер разъёма
Род контакта
покрытие контактов
Gold over Nickel
номинальный ток
материал корпуса
Die Cast Zinc
оценка показателя производительности
IP65, IP67
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
тип монтажа
Cable Mount
число контактов
способ концевой заделки
номинальное напряжение
57 V dc
Body Orientation
Mating Type
Quick Connect
Series Number

Дополнительная информация

Ha-VIS preLink Connector System 20820050002