410-113, Интерфейсная плата Pmod I/O ЦАП DAC121S101

PartNumber: 410-113
Ном. номер: 8033732388
Производитель: Digilent
410-113, Интерфейсная плата Pmod I/O ЦАП DAC121S101
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The 210-113 is a PmodDA2 digital to analog module converter board based on two National Semiconductor DAC121S101, 12bit D to A converters. This board converts signals from digital values to analog voltages on two channels simultaneously with twelve bits of resolution. The PmodDA2 uses a 6 pin header connector and at less than one square inch, is small enough to be located where the reconstructed signal is required. The PmodDA2 can produce an analog output ranging from 0V to 3.3V when operated with a 3.3V power supply. It has two simultaneous D to A conversion channels, each with a 12bit converter that can process separate digital signals. It is designed to work with either Diligent programmable logic system boards or embedded control system boards. Most Diligent system boards, such as the Nexys, Basys or Cerebot, have 6 pin connectors that allow the PmodDA2 to plug directly into the system board or to connect via a Diligent six wire cable.

• Very low power consumption
• Small form factor (0.80inch x 0.80inch)

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