21033812800, M12/RJ45 adaptor straight

PartNumber: 21033812800
Ном. номер: 8144110396
Производитель: Harting
21033812800, M12/RJ45 adaptor straight
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Han RJ45 Module Han® RJ45 Module

RJ45 Adaptor plate module 398-3245
Complete with mounting brackets
Takes up space of two-modules

Модульные разъемы Harting Han Harting Han® Modular

The Han-Modular series is a system of inserts designed to meet specific requirements of individual customers. Based on the successful Han Heavy Duty connectors, the inserts give flexibility when considering connections for signal, power & pneumatic lines when a solution is required with one connector.
Depending upon choice, several insert 'modules' may be accommodated in the modular 'frames', which in turn, may be fitted to the standard Harting housings.

These modular 'frames' will – depending upon selection - accommodate up to six insert 'modules'.

The system consists of insert 'modules' and 'frames' into which the insert 'modules' fit. These in turn may be fitted to standard Han® housings.
The system allows a variety of insert configurations within the one connector assembly.
Tooling for crimp contacts is detailed within those range pages as necessary, with more comprehensive tooling information on tooling contained on an earlier dedicated tooling range page.

Leading protective ground
Both male & female modules can be mounted in the same hinged frame
Polarised for correct mating
No tooling is required to insert or remove modules from the frames

Power, signal & pneumatic contacts in one connector
Alphabetical markings appear on frame to ensure correct mating. 'A-F' only mate with 'a-f' & both types must be used for mated connectors

Note: The hoods and housings from the standard Harting Series 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B (RS Ranges 5.6, 7 and 8) are illustrated here for reference purposes only. Selection of the appropriate hood and/or housings may be made from the respective Ranges contained in ealier pages.


Технические параметры

Body Orientation
End 1
8 Pin Female M12
End 1 Gender
End 1 Number of Contacts
End 1 Number of Ports
End 1 Size
End 2
End 2 Gender
End 2 Number of Contacts
End 2 Number of Ports

Дополнительная информация

har-speed M12 Panel feed-through X-coded