220412, Dissipative Mat 1.2m x 0

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220412, Dissipative Mat 1.2m x 0
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RS Pro Dissipative Work Surface Mat
RS Pro Statfree T2 working surface mat is 1.5 mm thick made from a 2 layer rubber material. The mat is designed to ground, eliminating the generation of static charge when used as a work surface table mat, shelf or cart liner. Manufactured from high strength nitrile rubber that is abrasion, stretch and tear resistant plus can also be used with soldering applications, flux and chemicals. The material includes ultraviolet stabilisers ensuring ESD performance and eliminates surface deterioration which results in cracking.

The mat must be properly grounded for optimum electrical performance

IEC 61340-2-3, FTMS 101C, EN 61340-5-1

Bench / Floor Matting
The most efficient way of ensuring optimum personal grounding is to employ the combination of ESD footwear and ESD matting.

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room

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Nitrile Rubber
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