2320173, Redundancy module, 24Vdc

PartNumber: 2320173
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Производитель: Phoenix Contact
2320173, Redundancy module, 24Vdc
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QUINT ORING Redundancy Modules
The QUINT ORING is a DIN rail mountable active redundancy module with ACB technology and monitoring, functions., Using a redundancy module, it is possible for two power supply units of the same type connected in parallel on the, output side to increase performance or for redundancy to be 100% isolated from one another.

Low-loss decoupling of power supply units connected in parallel
Preventive function monitoring
Auto Current Balance (ACB) technology

Switch Mode - Phoenix Contact Single Phase and Three phase Power Supplies
A range of power supplies, which, based on its technical properties and competitive prices, is well suited for panel builders and standard machine production, replacements of existing power supplies or comparable applications.

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DIN Rail Unit
Accessory Type
Redundancy Module
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Datasheet 2320173