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Cinch RF Connector Tooling
The Cinch Connectivity series of high-quality Crimp Tools have been designed for professionals and serious DIY enthusiast. A frame made from the best quality steel, offer a long life and hassle-free operation. They feature a full cycle ratchet mechanism and quick release safety latch. Cinch crimp tools for RF connectors are suitable for various types of connector and various wire sizes.<BR/><BR/><B>Features and Benefits: </B><BR/>• A highly durable hand tool designed for professional use<BR/>• Frame made from high-quality steel for improved durability and long life operation<BR/><BR/><B>Typical Applications: </B><BR/>• Maintenance & repair <BR/>• Electrical Installations<BR/>• Cable assemblies<BR/><BR/><B>FAQ's: </B><BR/>What is the difference between un-insulated and insulated crimp tools?<BR/>Un-insulated crimp tools are typically used for general applications, whereas the insulated crimp tools have been VDE tested up to 1000 V, designed for use where electrical current is present. <BR/><BR/>How do you maintain the product?<BR/>• Axles and other movable parts should be regularly lubricated.<BR/>• Lubrication* is recommended at least every 10.000 cycles whenever the tool is exposed to contaminants <BR/>• Adjustment of the crimping die nests should also be checked. Readjustment of the pressure adjustment axle is necessary when the pre-load of the tool decreases significantly.<BR/><BR/><BR/><B>The Importance of a High-Quality Crimp</B><BR/>When a crimping tool is used on a terminal, two crimps take place at the same time. One is the electrical connection between the conductor and terminal. The other is the insulation crimp which provides strain relief against vibration and tension. It is important that the electrical connection is gas-tight without any voids between the wire strands and the terminal. If there any voids present, then corrosion can occur causing resistance and excessive heat which damages the electrical connection. Using a good quality crimping tool will ensure that a full, gas-tight crimp is produced preventing future deterioration of the electrical connection and insulation breakage


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