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PartNumber: 25311
Ном. номер: 8103083399
Производитель: Cafca
Доступно на заказ более 100 шт. Отгрузка со склада в г.Москва 4-5 недель.
30 × = 300
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Connector accessories_5090909_Normal Module Marker sleeves for RJ45 connectors

Plastic moulded sleeves, in different colours, for fitting onto RJ45 connector cables.
Available in 2 sizes, for 100Ω and 120Ω cables.
255-2430 Black
255-2452 Grey
255-2468 Orange
255-2474 Red
255-2480 Green
255-2496 Yellow
255-2519 Blue
255-2525 Black
255-2531 Grey
255-2547 Orange
255-2553 Red
255-2569 Green
255-2575 Yellow
255-2581 Blue
255-4874 Beige

Принадлежности RJ RJ Accessories

RJ Plugs
Data plugs commonly used in networking and communication applications. Plugs conform to the FCC68 specification and are generally defined by WECO+ or RJ numbers. Each plug type is clearly identified by the number of contact positions followed by the number of contacts. By example a 6//4 plug has 6 contact positions with 4 contacts loaded. MMJ (Modular Modified Jack) and keyed versions are also available.

Illustrations are of typical RJ plugs. The line drawings show typical configurations.

RJ Plugs

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