2980011-01-B, Modular plug termination

PartNumber: 2980011-01-B
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Производитель: Stewart Connector
2980011-01-B, Modular plug termination
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Modular Plug Termination Tools Stewart Range Modular Plug Termination Tools

Ratchet action tooling for terminating Stewart unshielded and shielded standard modular plugs.

Plug Termination tool
The plug termination tool has a parellel action with rachet release. A hand operated locking screw allows easy loading of die sets. Die sets are available separately to terminate the most popular types of Stewart plug.

Ferrule crimp tool
The ferrule crimp tool is used for crimping the shield ring supplied with Stewart shielded plug 290-4780. Three ferrule crimp die sets are available separately to cover different diameter cables, 4.5mm, 5.2mm and 6mm.

Die sets are not compatible with tool frame 368-9640.

Серия Stewart

RJ Plugs
Data plugs commonly used in networking and communication applications. Plugs conform to the FCC68 specification and are generally defined by WECO+ or RJ numbers. Each plug type is clearly identified by the number of contact positions followed by the number of contacts. By example a 6//4 plug has 6 contact positions with 4 contacts loaded. MMJ (Modular Modified Jack) and keyed versions are also available.

Illustrations are of typical RJ plugs. The line drawings show typical configurations.

RJ Plugs


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Modular Plug
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