2MS, Hose Clip, Zinc Plated Mild Steel, 55mm Clip Diameter, Pack of 10

PartNumber: 2MS
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Производитель: Jubilee
2MS, Hose Clip, Zinc Plated Mild Steel, 55mm Clip Diameter, Pack of 10
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The 2MS is a Hose Clip made from zinc-plated mild steel. The performance of hose clips is determined by the hose type, spigot, tightening torque and hose working pressures. It is designed to offer an excellent seal at slightly lower torques, suited for applications where space or weight is restricted as in agricultural applications, such as irrigation and farm machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic applications in the industrial sector, hardware/DIY applications and in construction. It has specially designed 14 TPI screw form allows maximum working engagement with the band serrations which ensures smooth efficient transfer of torque to sealing ability. The 7mm hexagonal head screw has a screwdriver slot providing a variety of tightening methods. The housing ensures the correct shape throughout the range. The unique Jubilee crimp not only retains the screw but also provides the maximum thrust area for the screw collar.

• 13mm Band width
• 0.914mm Band thickness
• Corrosion resistance

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