3-654-15, SIDE CUTTERS

PartNumber: 3-654-15
Ном. номер: 8075426189
Производитель: Bernstein
3-654-15, SIDE CUTTERS
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ESD EUROline Side Cutters

Tools made from premium special steel with box joint and double-sheeted spring
High gloss burnished with anti-reflective polish
Ergonomic, non-slip, two-tone conductive handguards made from conductive material
With extra conductive layer for working in ESD-protected areas
Mini side cutters with vary narrow head for precision work
Slimline end cutters, straight and angled for working in hard-to-reach places

TypeL (mm)designCutting valuesFig.
Mini side cutters
3-651-15120No bevel, rounded head1.2 mm copper wire1
3-651-15 DR120No bevel, rounded head, with wire-clamping spring1.2 mm copper wire2
3-652-15120No bevel, pointed head1 mm copper wire3
3-653-15120No bevel, flat nose cutter1 mm copper wire3
3-654-15125with cutting bevel1.5 mm copper wire1
End cutters
3-671-15130No bevel, straight0.6 mm copper wire4
3-672-15130No bevel, angled to 20°0.6 mm copper wire4
3-675-15115Diagonal front cutters1.5 mm copper wire5

Electronics Cutters

Технические параметры

режущая способность
полная длина
Materials Cut
Copper Wire, Hard Wire, Soft Wire
Cut Type
Electrostatic Discharge Safe

Дополнительная информация

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