30056, Flexiforce Sensor Demo Ki

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30056, Flexiforce Sensor Demo Ki
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Flexiforce Sensor Demo Kit
Tekscan's FlexiForce sensor measures force between two surfaces. The Flexiforce single element sensor acts as a resistor in an electrical circuit. Its resistance decreases when force is applied to the sensor. The resistance can be read by connecting an ohmmeter to the outer two pins of the sensor and applying a force to the round tab sensing area at the end of the film. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion: 0V is no force and 4.2V represents 25lbs weight.

Maximum force (weight): 25lbs
Power supply: +5Vdc
Communication: Resistance between connector pins
Sensing area: 9.53mm diameter
Dimensions: 203 x 9.53 x 0.127mm
Operating temperature range: -9 to +60°C
Applications include: Touch pads, alarm systems and robot gripper force sensing

220Ω resistor, 0.1uF capacitor, 0.01uF capacitor

Sensors & Control
Parallax offer an extensive range of sensor, communication and interface modules for the experimenter working on robotic systems. Most are supplied with extensive documentation making them ideal for use in education. Further information and tutorials are available from the Parallax website: http: //learn.parallax.com/


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Development Kit
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Flexiforce Demo Kit

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