30225092, Comptec slide rail,600mm

PartNumber: 30225092
Ном. номер: 8094660909
Производитель: Schroff
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Comptec Accessories
All these accessories are supplied separately:

Slide Rails

Maximum load 10kg to support heavy equipment
Anodised, extruded aluminium

High grade finish, aluminium anodised
Also doubles as rear panel
Mounting kit has to be ordered separately (stock number 291-8644 )

Front Panels

A set of earthing leads to connect side panels, base, cover plate and rear panel

Earthing Kits

Folding Handles

Alternative to pre-mounted plastic Shell Handles of 6//9 U Cases
Material die cast Aluminium
Load-carrying capacity 50 kg/pair
Colour RAL 7016

Приборные корпуса Schroff

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

Anodized, Extruded Aluminium
максимальная нагрузка
Slide Rail

Дополнительная информация

Schroff Comptec 19" Cases Brochure 30225092