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3028, FeatherWing Precision Clo

PartNumber: 3028
Ном. номер: 8000020562
Производитель: Adafruit Industries
3028, FeatherWing Precision Clo
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Adafruit Precision Real Time Clock (RTC) FeatherWing
FeatherWings add specific functionality to your Feather development board. They fit directly on top of your Feather using stacking header pins.<BR/><BR/>The DS3231 Precision RTC FeatherWing adds an accurate I2C-integrated Real Time Clock (RTC) with a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) to any Feather board. This RTC is the most precise you can get in a small, low-power package.<BR/><BR/>Most RTCs use an external 32 kHz timing crystal to keep time with low current draw but these have slight drift, particularly with temperature changes. This DS3231 has a crystal inside the chip and a temperature sensor compensates for the frequency changes by adding or removing clock ticks.<BR/><BR/>A CR1220 12 mm coin cell battery holder enables battery backup to keep time even without main power. A CR1220 battery is not supplied (RS 866-0653).


Технические параметры

Наименование комплекта
FeatherWing Precision
Kit Classification
Дополнительная плата
Clock/Timer Function
Часы реального времени (RTC)
Для использования с
Feather Development Board

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