3114 14, Empty Minimodul way cr

PartNumber: 3114 14
Ном. номер: 8066077095
Производитель: Lumberg Automation
3114 14, Empty Minimodul way cr
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Minimodul Empty Crimp Housings
These Lumberg empty Minimodul™ housing take crimp contacts (3111G/L_031 Series), see stock number 737-8543 typical, for indirect mating of wire to board connections.

For Minimodul™ headers see stock numbers 737-8565 (vertical) or 737-8625 (vertical locking) or 737-8672 (horizontal) or 737-8739 (horizontal locking) typical.

2.5mm Wire to Board - Lumberg Minimodul Series
These Lumberg Minimodul Connectors are for cable-to-board connections. The Minimodul Series connectors provide easy harnessing of single leads and flat cables with established crimp technology and are especially suitable for low and middle-volume production. The design of the Minimodul Series connectors is suitable for signal and low load currents up to 5 A. Pitch 2.50 mm (.098").


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