322733, Ring terminal, STRATO-THE

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Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
322733, Ring terminal, STRATO-THE
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The STRATO-THERM series Terminals, Splices and Spare Wire Caps for high temperature applications. There are two types of these terminals, splices and spare wire caps. One type is insulated, which consist of PIDG ring tongue terminals, splices and spare wire caps insulated with PTFE, post-insulated or pre-insulated and the other type is uninsulated, which consist of DIAMOND GRIP (insulation support) ring tongue terminals, spade tongue terminals and splices with SOLISTRAND (non-insulation support). The uninsulated are available in heat resistant and high temperature. The terminals, splices and spare wire caps accept solid or stranded wire for single applications. The pre-insulated terminals, splices and spare wire caps are designed for reliable performance at maximum temperature of 288 and at 260°C for silver-plated post-insulated terminals and splices. The uninsulated heat resistant terminals and splices operate at maximum temperature of 343 and at 649°C.

• 649°C High temperature rating


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