34913Q, 304S31 s/steel rod,1.5m L

PartNumber: 34913Q
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Производитель: Krupp Hoesch
34913Q, 304S31 s/steel rod,1.5m L
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304S31 & 304S15 (1.4301) A2
General purpose non-magnetic stainless steel possessing good weldability, formability and general corrosion resistance.

Bar-rolled edge
Rod - BS970 pt 3 BSEN 10088-3
Angle - BS970 pt 1 BSEN10051
Square - BS970 pt 3 BSEN 10088-3
Sheet - BS1449 pt 2 BSEN 10088-2 (2B surface finish)
Excellent material for polishing
Suitable for food and dairy processing equipment, laundry and chemical industry, process plant and tanks

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Катанка, стержень, лист и угол – марка 304 (A2)

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304S31 Stainless Steel
Outer Diameter