3842549870, Cube connector,2 profiles

PartNumber: 3842549870
Ном. номер: 8040264379
Производитель: Bosch Rexroth
3842549870, Cube connector,2 profiles
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Cube Connectors, 2 or 3 way Cube Connectors, 2 or 3 way
20mm and 30mm corner cube kits containing all necessary cover caps for a neat finish. The 2 way kits are suitable for structures such as picture frames, and the 3 way kits are suitable for the building of tables and shelving.

Self-tapping fasteners and caps included
DesignLINE version with special silver paint

Profile sizes (mm)ConnectionsManu. Part NumberFinish TypeStock no.
20 x 2023842524484Die-cast466-7427
30 x 3023842524485Die-cast390-1912
45 x 4523842524486Die-cast390-1934
20 x 2033842524478Die-cast466-7433
30 x 3033842524479Die-cast390-1928
45 x 4533842524480Die-cast390-1940
20 x 2023842538725Painted523-247
30 x 3023842538727Painted523-203
45 x 4523842538731Painted523-229
20 x 2033842538726Painted523-253
30 x 3033842538728Painted523-263
45 x 4533842538732Painted523-269

Connection Brackets and Joints

Технические параметры

Product System
Structural Element Type
Strut Profile
Fits Groove Size
Die Cast Aluminium, PA
Fits Strut Profile
45 mm
Product Family
Bosch Rexroth
тип соединителя
Corner Cube Kit

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