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3XMS, Worm Drive Hose Clip Mild

PartNumber: 3XMS
Ном. номер: 8000005909
Производитель: Jubilee
3XMS, Worm Drive Hose Clip Mild
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910 руб.
70 уп. со склада г.Москва,
срок 2-3 недели
от 5 уп. — 760 руб.
от 10 уп. — 674 руб.
Цена за упаковку из 5
Добавить в корзину 1 уп. на сумму 910 руб.
Original Jubilee® Clips – Mild Steel
These original range Jubilee clips were first manufactured back in 1921, and today the brand is well-known and trademarked around the world. As the name and heritage would suggest, you can be assured of the highest quality products, all produced from premium grade materials and adhering to a wide range of quality standards and EU directives.<BR/>Jubilee’s original range of hose clamps is where it all started and these sturdy worm drive hose clips are suitable for the vast majority of applications. These mild steel zinc protected hose clips have a continuously threaded band so clips are flexible and easy to adjust to the required size. In addition, the rolled edges and smooth interior of the band ensures protection for all types of hoses, even soft rubber or silicone.

Fasteners & Fixings

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