4-00402080, Flexible cable transit bl

PartNumber: 4-00402080
Ном. номер: 8031275126
Производитель: Lycab
4-00402080, Flexible cable transit bl
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Flexi-Blocks®, Cable Transits
Each of these pre-lubricated flexible blocks will cater for five progressive cable diameters, and are especially suitable for field installation work where the exact diameters of cables or pipes may be unknown. Tear-off insert sheets are folded directly into the "carrier" block to cater for the cable or pipe, and the unwanted sheets are removed. Each block is supplied as a pair of separate halves, with each tear-off sheet clearly marked with a cable/pipe diameter in mm. The "carrier" block may be used on its own without any insert sheets, and is also marked with a diameter in mm.

Блоки-вставки Insert Blocks
A flexible solution to the problem of sealing cables and pipework entry through walls/metalwork or floors., There is a choice of transit seal primary assemblies; one is a circular "plug" for insertion into circular pipes or ducts - the "round" system, and the other is a rectangular metal frame which lends itself to a broad spectrum of customer-defined applications. A tube of lubricant is also available - this should only be used to lubricate the filler blocks as required, and the internal surfaces of the rectangular frame. On no account should the round "plug" seal be lubricated on its external surfaces, or the hole, pipe, or duct in which it is to be fitted

Технические параметры

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Rectangular Cable Transits, Round Cable Transits
Cable Transit Part Type
Flexible Insert Block
Maximum Cable Diameter
Minimum Cable Diameter