410-126, Двухзначный 7-сегментный модуль дисплея PmodSSD

PartNumber: 410-126
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Производитель: Digilent
410-126, Двухзначный 7-сегментный модуль дисплея PmodSSD
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The 210-126 is a PmodSSD peripheral module board. It offers a single two digit seven segment display device (7sd) that can attach directly to any Diligent system board. The 7sd uses high bright LEDs that can are easily readable with less than 5mA of current, so they can be driven directly from most system boards. The two digits on the common cathode seven segment LED display are each composed of seven segments arranged in a "figure 8" pattern, with an LED embedded in each segment. Segment LEDs can be individually illuminated, so any one of 128 patterns can be displayed on a digit by illuminating certain LED segments and leaving the others dark. Of these 128 possible patterns, the ten corresponding to the decimal digits are the most useful. A scanning display controller circuit can be used to show a two digit number on the display.

• Two high bright seven segment displays
• 6 pin system connector
• Small form factor (0.80inch x 0.80inch)

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Digilent PmodSSD Peripheral Module Board

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