4300-2805, CRIMP TOOL DIN

PartNumber: 4300-2805
Ном. номер: 8110496631
Производитель: Pressmaster
4300-2805, CRIMP TOOL DIN
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Original Line Tool 'Original Line' Tool
A precision ratchet tool for crimping red, blue and yellow insulated crimp terminals

Manufactured from high-grade steel & tested to perform a minimum of 50000 cycles, the tool has a built-in rachet mechanism which ensures the jaws fully close to complete the crimp before the finished termination can be released
Handles incorporate soft surface plastic rubber & rounded ends for improved hand grip

Range Compatibility/Tooling Detail

RS range (except mini yellow) typically 534-238

Unsuitable for un-insulated terminals

Pressmaster инструменты общего назначения Pressmaster General Support Tooling
The Pressmaster range of Komfort tools are ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort with the minimum hand pressure required for reliable and repeatable crimping. They all feature the Komfort frame design which has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of pressure required to complete a crimp and therefore reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The ergonomic handles combined with a unique ratchet/pivot mechanism mean less operator fatigue and a reduced risk of suffering Repetitive Strain Injury, leading to higher productivity and quicker throughput.

Handle design accommodates either single or two hand operation
Manufactured from high-grade Swedish steel
Tested to perform a minimum of 50.000 cycles
Built-in ratchet mechanism ensures jaws fully close to complete the crimp before the finished termination can be released

Unsuitable for un-insulated terminals.


Технические параметры

тип соединителя
Maximum Wire Size
10 AWG
Minimum Wire Size