4300-2810, PZD3 bootlace ferrule too

PartNumber: 4300-2810
Ном. номер: 8004662201
Производитель: Pressmaster
4300-2810, PZD3 bootlace ferrule too
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Pressmaster PZD-3 Bootlace Ferrule Hand Crimp Tool
PZD-3 self adjusting hand crimp tool for crimping end splices / bootlace ferrules with a wire size range of 0.5 to 6.0mm2 using a single die. This compact ratchet hand crimp tool has front entry allowing easy access in confined spaces, ratchet action with safety release and bi-moulded comfort handles for an effective handgrip.

Зажимные приспособления, Pressmaster Pressmaster Support Tooling
Tools type PZ03 and type KEBS0560 have a front entry die system and makes for easier access in confined spaces. Tools type KEB4010 has a smaller frame and is suitable for one-handed use. All tools have ratchet action with an emergency release mechanism.

All Pressmaster tools are compatible with the RS and Weidmüller ferrules. For general information on the Pressmaster 'Original Line' and 'Komfort' tools see the Insulated Crimp Terminal Tooling earlier in this section.


Технические параметры

тип соединителя
Bootlace Ferrule
полная длина
сечение провода
0 → 6 mm²
Maximum Wire Size
Minimum Wire Size

Дополнительная информация

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