4300-3149AAB, Mobile crimp tool frame

PartNumber: 4300-3149AAB
Ном. номер: 8091520603
Производитель: Pressmaster
4300-3149AAB, Mobile crimp tool frame
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Pressmaster (MCT) Mobile Crimp Tool
Lightweight professional ratchet style mobile crimp tool for field usage suitable for use with most types of mechanical, electrical and electronic connectors. This MCT mobile crimp tool has a parallel-action stroke that generates a force of 10.000N and crimp nests that are positioned in such as way so as to provide good visibilty to the user when inserting connectors. There are a range of interchangeable SNAP-IN and SNAP-OUT crimp dies that can be used with this mobile crimp tool that cover various applications including power, coaxial, fibre optic and modular connectors, see stock number 492-9618 typically and associated data table for other versions.

Reliable: Parallel, full-cycle, ratchet controlled action ensures consistent and accurate crimp
Easy to use: Designed to give users full visibility of the crimping process
Versatile: No special tools needed. Easily interchangeable crimp dies are held together in pairs
Practical: Pocket size, light and easy to carry
Comfortable: Low effort in crimping with a one or two hand grip
Economical: One tool to do the job of many

Pressmaster Crimp Tools


Технические параметры

тип соединителя
Crimp contact
сечение провода
Varies by Die Set (Supplied Without Dies)
Maximum Wire Size
Minimum Wire Size

Дополнительная информация

43003149 Technical Drawing 4300-3149AAB
Video Demo of Pressmaster crimptool 4300-3149AAB