4301.6002, IEC inlet w/2P fuseholder

PartNumber: 4301.6002
Ном. номер: 8101870114
Производитель: Schurter
4301.6002, IEC inlet w/2P fuseholder
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KFA Series
Schurter KFA series power entry modules with line filter are rear side mounting for efficient assembly. The KFA series features a V-Lock notch that ensures plug removal before fuse link replacement can be carried out.

Power entry modules with 2-pole fuse holder
Screw-on version from front or rear side, snap-in version from front
Plug removal necessary for fuse-link replacement
The fuse drawer "Fingergrip" can be removed by hand
The fuse holder is accessible from the equipment front
Terminals quick connect 4.8x0.8mm

Capacitors68nF between lines (class X)
2.2nF each line to earth (class Y)
Inductors1A: 2 x 10 mH, 2A: 2 x 4 mH, 4A: 2 x 1.5 mH, 6A: 2 x 0.8mH
Leakage current<0.5 mA (@250V, 60Hz)
Operating temp.-25°C to +85°C

Fuse drawer must be ordered separately ( 500-6211 )

VDE Certificate Number: 40004665 (FKE, FKF, FKV, FKW); UL File Number: E72928 (FKE, FKF, FKV, FKW)

IEC/EN 60950

Schurter Range
Panel mount, IEC inlet plugs with integral mains filter, ultra compact design. Fuse holders accept Ø5x20mm fuses.

IEC appliance plugs with net filter

IEC appliance inlet plugs with integral mains filter. Designed to filter out interference from mains, where capacitators alone could be found to be insufficient. Connection via type 6.35 mm (1/4") terminals.
Suitable isolating grommet: 544-112.


Технические параметры

IEC Connector Type
тип монтажа
номинальное напряжение
250 V ac
номинальный ток
способ концевой заделки

Дополнительная информация

Power Entry Modules with Line Filter 4301.6002