430BOOST-SHARP96, Sharp Memory LCD Booster

PartNumber: 430BOOST-SHARP96
Ном. номер: 8078756314
Производитель: Texas Instruments
430BOOST-SHARP96, Sharp Memory LCD Booster
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Sharp® LCD BoosterPack for MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad™
The Sharp® LCD BoosterPack for MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad™ allows LaunchPad™ Development Kit users to easily model their end applications with great user display support. The 430BOOST-SHARP96 also enables users to display sensor readings, time and other information via the 96 x 96 pixel, touch based LS013B4DN04 LCD.

2 capacitive touch sliders
Ultra-low power consumption
Excellent viewing angles and high-contrast images
Display controlled serially using SPI
DC/DC 3-V to 5-V converter available to support 5-V Sharp® displays

MSP430 Microcontrollers, Texas Instruments
The MSP430 Platform is a range of mixed-signal, ultra-low power microcontrollers from Texas Instruments. The 16-bit RISC architecture is perfectly suited for wireless, low-power industrial and portable applications. This established range has a strong and popular position due to its ease of use and broad suite of development tools and support.
The MSP430 portfolio consists of over 400 devices ranging from the MSP430 Value Line to the revolutionary, highly integrated microcontrollers with embedded FRAM memory.This broad family of products offer integration suited to many designs and applications. High-performance peripherals include USB, RF, LCD controllers and Sigma-Delta ADCs. This allows designers to find the appropriate MSP430 device for many low power applications.


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Evaluation Kit
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Texas 430BOOST-SHARP96

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430BOOST-SHARP96, Sharp® LCD BoosterPack for the LaunchPad 430BOOST-SHARP96