434830, KNURLED SCREW SET 4/40

PartNumber: 434830
Ном. номер: 8144428946
Производитель: ERNI
434830, KNURLED SCREW SET 4/40
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Connectors for ribbon cable connection
From ERNI, this TMC series of sub-miniature d-built connectors are designed for use with ribbon cables. With 9, 15, 25, 37 pin connectors available, the series also offers appropriate strain relief and connector screws for reliable interfacing. The trapezoidal design of these connectors assures protection from twisting and human contact.

Features and Benefits:
∙ Female and male connectors for ribbon cable connection for AWG 28 stranded and AWG 26 solid wire
∙ Knurled screws and strain relief available as optional extras
∙ Connecting contacts for all cables in one operation
∙ Suitable for standard ribbon cable, 1.27 mm raster

Suitable for ERNI cable housing series KSG (e.g. stock no.: 224-1540 )

D Type Connectors with Cable cutting technology

'D' Sub-Miniature Connection System

The RS range of 'D' connectors and accessories is suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications, computer interfacing, etc. (For IDC 'D' type connectors refer to the Speedbloc range.)


Технические параметры

тип соединителя
для использования с
TMC Connector
содержание комплекта
Support brackets x 2, screws x 2
размер резьбы
UNC 4-40
Thumb screw

Дополнительная информация

Subminiature D Trapezoidal connectors Series TMC Data Sheet