435430, Turbodry chrome auto hand

PartNumber: 435430
Ном. номер: 8073861486
Производитель: Vent-Axia
435430, Turbodry chrome auto hand
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Vent Axia Turbodry Hand Dryer
The Vent-Axia Turbodry hand and face dryers are for heavy duty applications where a robust and secure design is required. It is designed for premium performance in high traffic areas and has a quick drying time of approximately 26 seconds.

They are constructed with a steel cover, finished in a hard wearing, easy to clean, hygienic, non-fading, heat resistant, white porcelain enamel coating (RS Stock Numbers 921-1690 and 921-1697).

The porcelain white dryers are available in manual ( 921-1690 ) or automatic ( 921-1697 ) operation.

There is also a chrome steel version, the Turbodry Chrome Auto (RS Stock Number 921-1694 ) with auttomatic hands free operationy real chrome finish.

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