T4845 26, Trimmers ceramic 2.6 mm

PartNumber: T4845 26
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Производитель: C.K. Tools
T4845 26, Trimmers ceramic 2.6 mm
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Alignment Tools_19708_Normal Module Ceramic Trimmer Key

High-quality ceramic adjustment screw driver with antistatic handles, slot and cross recess
Ideal for electronics — production, laboratories and clean rooms
Complete four-piece set, supplied in safety polystyrene box

Advantages of Ceramics

No electromagnetic induction, no eddy current loss at high frequencies
Electrically and thermally insulated
Not magnetic, not electrostatic
Wear resistance ten times greater than with metals
Heat resistant → 1.000 °C
Acid resistant, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid
Inorganic, therefore free of contamination
Corrosion and soldering agent resistant

Contents of set
Tip dimensionsBlade lengthTotal length
Each with 1 x slot: 1.3 mm; 1.8 mm; 2.6 mm15 mm100 mm
1 x PHILLIPS® PH015 mm100 mm

Ceramic is a brittle substance, but has a long service life if handled carefully.

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