500-006, PCB preparation tripletan

PartNumber: 500-006
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Производитель: Mega Electronics
500-006, PCB preparation tripletan
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PCB Preparation Twin and Triple Tanks

Twin tank combines Bubble Etch and Spray Wash in one complete unit
Triple tank combines a Universal tank (Process), Bubble Etch and Spray Wash in one complete unit
Offers cost savings over two or three separate tanks when incorporated in a complete 7-stage processing sequence
Integral spray wash tank operated by a solenoid valve

Internal TanksAnti-leak on-piece polypropylene
Outer Wrapper6mm Polypropylene
Max. Board Size315 x 260 mm
Tank Capacity5 litres
Operating Voltage240V, 50Hz
User Thermostat10°C to 55°C

PCB board holder with retaining clips, IEC mains lead and siphon for emptying

PCB Development Equipment
These Processing Tanks comprise of a number of different versions to enable the following complete 7-stage production process to be undertaken: , 1. Develop, 2. Wash, 3. Etch, 4. Wash, 5. Resist Strip, 6. Wash, 7. Chemical Tin.

PCB Prototyping

Технические параметры

Number of Tanks
Tank Types Included
Developing, Etching, Washing

Дополнительная информация

PCB Processing Tanks Instructions 500-006