50294520, ISO63 draw bolt for 28mm

PartNumber: 50294520
Ном. номер: 8010261957
Производитель: Greenlee
50294520, ISO63 draw bolt for 28mm
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Heavy Duty Hole Punch

Will punch up to 3.5mm in mild and stainless steel, fibreglass/plastics
Split slugs fall free and cannot cling to draw stud
Greatly increased life expectancy compared to standard punches
Available in 16 sizes including Pg and ISO sizes
Use size 1 draw bolt for punches up to 25.4mm
Use size 2 draw bolt for punches up to 28.3mm and greater

Use with hydraulic drivers only.

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Технические параметры

Punch up to 3.5 mm Mild Steel and Stainless Steel, Fibreglass / Plastics
Draw Bolt

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Datasheet 50294520
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