5511206, 10 polishing flap discs m

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Производитель: Dronco
5511206, 10 polishing flap discs m
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Polishing flap discs G-VA

Polishing flap discs with highly effective abrasive felt
Depending on grit, suitable for descaling and removing rust from workpieces and weld seams, preparing painted surfaces, surface finishing and polishing of stainless steel aluminium and non-ferrous metals

10-piece set, one size

Mops and Deburring/Finishing Wheels Mops & Deburring/Finishing Wheels
Polishing mops for use with bench-mounted or hand-held machines which utilise a tapered spindle mounting.

Abrasives & Engineering Materials

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G-VA Finish Gloss Polishing Flap Disc Data Sheet 5511206