608001/0180-628-018- 10-000-46-01-150/000, THERMOMETER -20 A +40

PartNumber: 608001/0180-628-018-10-000-46-01-150/000
Ном. номер: 8022039066
Производитель: Jumo
608001/0180-628-018- 10-000-46-01-150/000, THERMOMETER -20 A +40
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Thermocouple Amplifiers, Analog Devices
Thermocouple Amplifier with Cold Junction Compensation
Combine an ice point reference with a precalibrated amplifier to produce a high level output directly from a thermocouple signal
High impedance differential input
Thermocouple break detection

Instrumentation Amplifiers, Analog Devices
Instrumentation Amplifier is a type of differential amplifier that has been outfitted with input buffer amplifiers, which eliminate the need for input impedance matching. Characteristics include very low DC offset, low drift, low noise, very high open-loop gain, very high common-mode rejection ratio, and very high input impedances.

Plumbing & Pipeline

Технические параметры

материал корпуса
Maximum Temperature Sensed
Minimum Temperature Sensed
Temperature Scale
Thermometer Type
Case Diameter
Temperature Sensitive Range
-20 → +40°C