614JH, Вентилятор 24VDC 11700об/мин

Артикул: 614JH
Ном. номер: 9000320938
Производитель: Ebmpapst
614JH, Вентилятор 24VDC 11700об/мин
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The 614JH is a 24VDC high speed Axial Fan with speed signal, Go/No-go alarm and alarm with limit speed. This fan comes with an external temperature sensor, PWM control input and analogue control input. It features moisture protection, ball bearing and wire leaded power connection. Fibreglass-reinforced plastic (PBT) housing and fibreglass-reinforced plastic (PA) impeller. Right direction of rotation looking at rotor, air exhaust over bars direction of air flow with single strands 24AWG, TR 64, bared and tin-plated jet characteristic/rigid curve. The DC axial compact fan is suitable for high air performance with moderate pressure build-up. The flow of air through the fan blades is parallel to the rotation axis.

• 11700RPM Speed rating
• 7.7W Rated power
• -20 to 70°C Maximum ambient temperature range
• Electronic protection against reverse polarity
• Protected against reverse polarity and locking

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Datasheet 614JH

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