61677057, Castrol Hyspin(R) AWS hyd

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61677057, Castrol Hyspin(R) AWS hyd
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Castrol Hyspin® AWS
Castrol Hyspin® AWS is a high quality solvent-refined mineral oil based hydraulic fluid, treated to inhibit oxidation, foaming, and corrosion. Castrol Hyspin® contains anti-wear additives for use in high-rated hydraulic pumps and motors, and meets the requirements of all major hydraulic component manufacturers. Hyspin® offers a long oil life due to its excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation. Good water tolerance and demulsification characteristics allowing rapid separation of condensation and/or water contamination.

Packaging may vary on 5 litre tin.

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Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance

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Industrial Machinery
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5 L

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Hyspin AWS 32 (EN - SDS)