622243, LabelMark5 Professional P

PartNumber: 622243
Ном. номер: 8071996822
Производитель: Brady
622243, LabelMark5 Professional P
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Labelmark/Win Software

Brady's LabelMark/WIN software allows connection of the BMP71 label printer to a PC for printing existing data on labels. It also allows ODBC and ASCII import files which can be easily created from most spreadsheets and databases. Compatible with Windows and most printers which have a Windows driver.


Wire and cable marking
Terminal block marking
Control panel and component marking
Rating plate Identification
Quality assurance labeling
Voice and data equipment labeling
Asset Identification
110 block marking
Patch panel identification
Conduit and voltage marking
Cable tray identification
Warehouse bin and shelf labeling
Inventory control

Ease-of-Use Tools Features

Manage Import Data Schemes (*)
Manage Serialisation Schemes (*)
Manage Multi-label file Jobs (*)
Manage Part Printer Driver Association
Manage Custom Parts
Export/Import custom part labels
Error Checking Utility
Online Auto Updates
Label Object Property Window
Multiple Tabbed View
Manage Favourites list

Label Printing Features

Insert/Edit an AutoCAD Object (*)
Designing and Printing Labels from MS Excel (*)
Designing and Printing Labels from MS Visio (*)
Designing and Printing Labels from AutoCAD (*)
Set Print Copies function from Design Editor (*)
Print Selected labels in Design Editor
Multiple Label file Simultaneous Batch Printing
Set print range copies
Set label copies
Save print range/label copies settings with label file to avoid resetting these each time the file is opened
Bi-directional printing (only specific Brady printers)
Label Saver Options
Dedicated Label and Printer Printing

Label Design Features

Single Click Importing (*)
Single Click Serialisation (*)
Electrical Wizards (*)
Wire Harness Sub-Wizard (*)
Control Panel Sub-Wizard (*)
110 Block Wizard (*)
Laboratory Wizard (*)
Create New Based on selected labels
Multi-label Display
Multi-Label Editing
Edit/Use a Label file
Edit/Use a Template files
Wiremarker Labels (copy text on multiple lines)
Fixed line mode design
Free form mode design
Command Multiplier for en masse label copies
Insert Serialised Data (Quick|Advanced modes)
Insert External Data (Quick|Advanced modes)
Insert Date/Time Data
Insert/Edit an Image Object
Insert/Edit a Text Object
Insert/Edit a Rectangle/Line Object
Insert/Edit a Barcode Object
Flip-Flop data on existing label
Insert new label with Flip-Flop data
Graphics Symbol Library

(*) only in Pro version, not in Standard version.

Printer Systems - Portable


Strips for wires, cables and tubes.
Labels for components, drawers, boxes etc.
Label strips and labels are easily removed from the card and placed on any dry surface without touching the adhesive.

Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

для использования с
300X Plus II Label Printers, 360X Plus II Label Printers, 600X Plus II Label Printers, BBP11 Label Printers, BMP71 Label Printers, BP-PR Plus Label Printers, IDXPERT Label Printers, InkJet/Laser Label Printers, IP300 Label Printers, IP600 Label Printers, MVP Series, PAM3000, Tagus Label Printers, TLS 2200 Label Printers, TLS-PC Link Label Printers, Wraptor
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LabelMark 5 CD-ROM Professional Data Sheet 622243