62290-510-039, Unshielded case w/Al pane

PartNumber: 62290-510-039
Ном. номер: 8047437030
Производитель: Pactec
62290-510-039, Unshielded case w/Al pane
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Sloped Front ABS Cases

Impact resistant
Sloped front panels and non-removable plastic rear panels makes case durable and easy to design into

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4 self-adhesive rubber feet

Metal and Plastic Consoles

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

Материал корпуса
внешняя высота
101.6 mm
внешняя длина
203.2 mm
внешняя ширина
254.01 mm
External Dimensions
203.2 x 254.01 x 101.6mm
Sloped Front

Дополнительная информация

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Molded Enclosure Panel Size, Assembly and Dimensional Data Sheet 62290-510-039