63813-1500, 14-22AWG manual extractor

PartNumber: 63813-1500
Ном. номер: 8037527651
Производитель: Molex
63813-1500, 14-22AWG manual extractor
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MX150L and MX150 Terminal Tooling
This range of Molex Hand Crimp tools are suitable for MX150 and MX150L Sealed Rectangular Connector (SRC) system contacts. A full cycle with ratcheting action for a complete crimp is provide by these T9999 Series hand tools. The Type 4A Crimper has an ergonomic handle design with simple contact positioning.

Stock NumberMolex Part NumberTool TypeWire SizeContact Gender
511-0089 63813-1500Extraction14-22 AWGMale and Female
220-914 64016-0035Crimp14-22 AWGMale and Female
778-6691 63811-6100Crimp1-1.5 mmFemale
778-6701 63811-6000Crimp18-22 AWGFemale
778-6697 63811-5900Crimp14-16 AWGFemale
778-6704 63811-6200Crimp0.5-0.75 mmFemale
778-6708 63811-2400Crimp14-16 AWGMale
778-6717 63811-2600Crimp18-22 AWGMale
778-6710 63811-5300Crimp10-12 AWGMale and Female

For applicable MX150L contacts see stock number 511-0017 typical.
For applicable MX150 contacts see stock number 720-5710 for female and 720-5700 for male typical.

Герметизированный соединитель Molex MX150L Molex MX150L Sealed Connector System
Rugged, environmentally sealed connector system tested to IEC IP 67 that supports both low level signal and power applications up to 18 amps. Applications include: automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, outdoor lighting and machine tools.

Connector housings and seals pre-assembled
2 to 10 Circuit
IP67 rated
Integral Locking Latch
14-16 and 18-22 AWG options


Технические параметры

Contact Size
22 → 14AWG
Series Number

Дополнительная информация

63813-1500 Extractor Tool Instruction Sheet 63813-1500
Datasheet 63813-1500
MX150 Sealed Connector System Catalogue 63813-1500