66253358793, Straight cup grinding whe

PartNumber: 66253358793
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66253358793, Straight cup grinding whe
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Straight Cup, Type 06

Straight cup style gringing wheels

Колеса с покрытием из алунда Alundum Wheels
Alundum abrasive grinding wheels are ideal for sharpening highspeed steel, cast alloy tools and cutters, die grinding or general surface grinding applications. The tool geometry determines the wheel shape required for a particular application. In many cases the specification of the wheel will be determined by the workpiece, whether it is hard or free cutting material. The specification indicates abrasive type (38A for Alundum), grit size (eg 80 – the lower the number, the coarser the finish and higher the rms reading), abrasive bond strength (from softest, A, to highest, Z) and bonding material (VS, vitrified bond). In some instances experimentation with the choice of specification or the operation parameters may be required to attain optimum performance., All wheel types can be used for wet or dry grinding and produce minimal surface discolouration without drawing the temper of the material being ground. They should be handled with care and stored in conditions avoiding extremes of temperature and humidity.

Abrasives & Engineering Materials

Технические параметры

абразивный материал
Aluminium Oxide
монтаж (установка)
Extra Coarse
зернистость абразива
максимальная безопасная скорость