6900, Crimplok(TM) SC multi mod

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6900, Crimplok(TM) SC multi mod
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Crimplok SC/ST Connector System 3M Range Crimplok SC/ST Connector System
The Crimplok™ connector System brings you the speed of non-adhesive connectors, together with the performance characteristics of epoxy and hot-melt types. They are faster to install than epoxy connectors, and are the ideal solution for emergency restoration of connections, or for making fibre connections in the workplace.

SC and ST types are available, as is a comprehensive termination kit containing everything needed to ensure a perfect connection every time. Lapping film is also available.

SC/ST Connectors

Crimplok™ SC/ST connectors feature the following benefits:

∙ Fibre movement within the connector is eliminated
∙ Assured fibre contact, and stability during temperature change
∙ Preparation and installation of connectors is especially simple
∙ Enhanced tensile strength will cope with tough environments in building wiring applications
∙ Comfortably meets current EIA/TIA-568A specifications
∙ Attenuation @ 1300nm: (dB)>0.2 (typical.)
∙ Reflection: -29dB (-40dB for singlemode)
∙ Loss repeatability (500 matings): >0.22 (6900/8900)>0.3 (6901/8901)

A 15-piece kit containing all tooling, polishing equipment, finishing accessories, and inspection equipment (see table.) One kit - one system - a perfect connection in one (see stock number 459-6915.)

Termination kit

Supplied in a pack of 50 sheets (see stock number 459-6921.)

Lapping Film

Kit Contents
Jacket stripper 6955-C crimp tool
Fibre view scope Lint-free cloths
Polishing film 6955-S stripper
Instruction manual 8892 polishing jig
6955-P polishing tool 6955-T activation tool
ScissorsAlcohol bottle (empty)
3M Scotch tape Polishing film (SM)
Water bottle

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Дополнительная информация

Crimplok Connectors Instruction Manual 6900
Crimplok Range Technical Data Sheet 6900
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