6A-1.0TRI-DKBE-100N, Dark blue tri-rated cable

PartNumber: 6A-1.0TRI-DKBE-100N
Ном. номер: 8002416267
Производитель: Permanoid
6A-1.0TRI-DKBE-100N, Dark blue tri-rated cable
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Tri-Rated Switchgear Cable
A plain copper stranded conductor covered with a PVC sheath for application such as internal connectors in equipment, motor starters and controllers. Also designed for use in switch control, relay and instrumentation panels for power and switchgear.

The number of strands used in the construction of the conductors may vary. The figures quoted are nominal. Cables marginally exceed maximum diameter in BS6231 to meet UL/CSA.

These cables are manufactured to the following national standards, BS6231 (UK), CSA TEW (Canada) and UL style 1015, 1028 or 1283 according to cable size (USA) and are marked accordingly.

Tri-Rated многожильный кабель

Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

материал проводника
Annealed Copper
материал изоляции
цвет брони
American Wire Gauge
18 AWG
Cross Sectional Area
1 mm²
Insulation Wall Thickness
Outer Diameter
только новые товары
номинальный ток
17 A
Maximum Operating Temperature
номинальное напряжение
600 V ac, 1000 V dc

Дополнительная информация

Tri-Rated Cable Data Sheet 6A-1.0TRI-DKBE-100N