70503, SLEDGE HAMMER 1,5 KG Cu

PartNumber: 70503
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Производитель: EGA Master
70503, SLEDGE HAMMER 1,5 KG Cu
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EGA Master Non-Sparking Sledgehammers
These sledgehammers are from the non-sparking tools family by EGA Master and are ideal for use in harsh environments. Ergonomic design and anti-slip handles make these sledgehammers comfortable and easy to use.

What is Non-Sparking?
The EGA Master non-sparking tools are ideal for use in potentially explosive environments. Created using copper-beryllium alloy or an aluminium-bronze alloy they are ideal for corrosive environments too, for example marine works and firefighting. EGA Master non-sparking tools are also forged after casting to produce a high-quality finish.
All EGA Master Tools are manufactured according to the strict control of ISO 9001-200, certified by TÜV-Rheindland/Germany.

Product Applications
EGA Master non-sparking sledgehammers are ideal for use in: power stations, paint manufacturing, oil companies, distilleries, fire-fighting and the aerospace industry.


Hammers, Striking Tools & Pry Bars Cam & Groove Couplings - Polypropylene
A high quality, professional range of heavy tooling equipment for use in heavy industry applications in areas such as oil rigs, ship yards and the rail industry.


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