71-7000, UltraDry eco oil only pad

PartNumber: 71-7000
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Производитель: Lubetech Industries Ltd
71-7000, UltraDry eco oil only pad
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Ultradry Eco Oil Only Pad

Ultradry Eco Oil Only Pad, 48 x 38 cm
100% natural cotton fill with spunbond coverstock
Market leading absorbency with naturally absorbing fibres
Cotton cut from sustainable crops in sub-tropical regions
Absorbency 1.4 litres per sheet


Spillage Control

Spillage Control Legislative Information

Many working enviroments contain materials which are hazardous and, if handled incorrectly, can result in serious damage to health, equipment, premises and the enviroment. Therefore, in the event of a spillage, it is important that a competent person is available to take charge of the spillage and remove the hazard efficiently.
Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, it is a legal requirement to carry out an assessment in any working enviroment to establish the likelihood of exposure to substances that may be hazardous.
After identifying whether or not chemicals are present, the level of exposure and the implementation of necessary control measures, all persons within the working area who could become exposed to a spillage must be provided with training, information and instructions relating to the hazards.
Materials to control the spillage should also be available and replenished after used. It is essential that suitable Personal Protective Equipment is provided to any person who may be exposed to any hazards, especially during the clear up process.

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room

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