74VHC573M, Регистр-защелка с тремя состояниями на выходе [SO-20W]

Артикул: 74VHC573M
Ном. номер: 9000037243
Производитель: Fairchild Semiconductor
Фото 1/2 74VHC573M, Регистр-защелка с тремя состояниями на выходе [SO-20W]
Фото 2/2 74VHC573M, Регистр-защелка с тремя состояниями на выходе [SO-20W]
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The 74VHC573M is an octal high speed CMOS D Latch with 3-state outputs. It is fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology. It achieves the high speed operation similar to equivalent Bipolar Schottky TTL while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation. This 8-bit D-type latch is controlled by a LE and an OE\. When the OE\ input is high, the eight outputs are in a high impedance state. An input protection circuit ensures that 0 to 7V can be applied to the input pins without regard to the supply voltage. This device can be used to interface 5 to 3V systems and two supply systems such as battery back-up. This circuit prevents device destruction due to mismatched supply and input voltages.

• Power down protection is provided on all inputs
• High noise immunity
• Low power dissipation
• Pin and function compatible with 74HC573

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Datasheet 74VHC573M
Datasheet 74VHC573M